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Please do not take the pics on any of these pages without permission. We will be happy to e-mail you any of the pics you want but please E-Mail us to requst them. We will NOT provide pics for other webpages. They are the property of the webmasters of this site unless otherwise credited or copyrighted.

Pictures and videos on site are from our own collection, and courtesy of the following:
TNT/New World Productions

No Infringement of Copyright is Intended

The pictures/videos on this site were created by the webmasters and are for the sole purpose of personal use on these pages.
All of the pics are original pictures made by the webmasters. If they appear on other websites they have been taken without our permission.

The "courtesy of" pics have been provided to us by fans. We have paper copies of most of these pics and have scanned them ourselves. The only exceptions to these are those provided by Sandra_Holland and Peter Aahal, who have assured us that they are the owners of the pictures.

It is possible that some of the "courtesy of" pics are found on other websites. We have NOT taken them from those sites and we are not implying that they have taken them from ours. They are pictures that are circulating on the internet from many different sources. We do NOT claim ownership or copyright of these pics.