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Bad Moon Rising
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"Burn Baby Burn"


By Lee Russell

By the time I was hired, the show's creators, L. Travis Clark and Steve Duncan, were gone. After having done the pilot, they had turned over their interest in the show to New Worlds in exchange for a credit in the titles and New World's producing one additional script of theirs.
"Burn, Baby, Burn" was that script.
Steve Smith, who got a lot of the drudge work of the show, was given the unenviable task of rewrite. He had to do all the little corrections that had to be made to the raw script before it could be shot. It concerned a depressing topic and no one was enthusiastic about it. One of the things that tore apart the nation in the 1960's, and the military in Vietnam, was the racial issue, and it had to be addressed. "Burn, Baby, Burn" was the first of several episodes to deal with this explosive issue. The script as shot had no major changes from the original, but it was rewritten several times for "tone".

About the Music....The midi's are songs from the original episodes

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