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Episode List

Click on the link to go to the full episode explanation(including pic) and a commentary by Alison Butler. Alison is a fan that has graciously offered to write the episode guides along with her commentary for disucssion.

Season 1

1.Tour of Duty- The Pilot Episode

2.Notes From the Underground

3. Dislocations 4. War Lover

5. Sitting Ducks

6. Burn, Baby, Burn

7. Brothers, Fathers, and Sons

8. The Good, the Bad and the Dead

9. Battling Baker Brothers

10. No Where to Run

11. Roadrunners

12. Pushin' Too Hard

13. USO Down

14. Under Seige

15. Soldiers

16. Gray-Brown Odyssey

17. Blood Brothers

18. The Short Timer

19. Paradise Lost

20. Angel of Mercy

21. The Hill

Season 2

22. Saigon (Part I)

23. Saigon (Part II)

24. For What It's Worth

25. True Grit

26. Non-Essential Personnel

27. Sleeping Dogs

28. I Wish It Would Rain

29. Popular Forces

30. Terms of Enlistment

31. Nightmare

32. Promised Land

33. Lonesome Cowboy Blues

34. Sins of the Fathers

35. Sealed with a Kiss

36. Hard Stripe

37. The Volunteer

Season 3

38. The Luck

39. Doc Hock

40. The Ties That Blind

41.Lonley at the Top

42. A Bodyguard of Lies

43. A Necessary End

44. Cloud Nine

45. Thanks for the Memories

46. I Am What I Am

47. World in Changes

48. Green Christmas

49. Odd Man Out

50. And Make Death Proud to Take Us

51. Dead Man Tales

52. The Road to Long Binh

53. Acceptable Losses

54. Vietnam Rag

55. War is a Contact Sport

56. Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue

57. The Raid

58. Payback

For a complete Descriptive Episode Guide go to our Complete Episode Guide Page

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