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Complete Episode Guide - Season 1 thru 3

Season One

1 - Tour of Duty
The place is the Republic of South Vietnam, the time circa 1967. Firebase Ladybird is overrun and suffers heavy casualties. Afterwards, Sgt. Zeke Anderson goes to recruit some new soldiers to replace men he lost in the battle. Using his own criteria, he selects the "best" men from a group of new recruits all of whose lives, unbeknownst to them, would change forever. Those he chooses are Cpl. Danny Purcell, an enthusiastic ROTC graduate from Montana Pvt.Scott Baker, a surfer from Ahaheim Callifornia, Pvt. Alberto Ruiz a proud and enthusiastic Puerto Rican from the Bronx, and Pvt.Roger Horn a war protester and college grad from Chicago who Anderson finds very interesting for several reasons. He also meets, for the first time, the platoon's new leader, 2nd Lt. Myron Goldman, who almost immediately clashes with Anderson.

2 - Notes from the Underground
The VC are overcoming the American soldiers through their use of the underground tunnels. On a mission the platoon again gets attacked by the VC who strike and then disappear back into the tunnels. This time Taylor gets wounded and suddenly disappears and Anderson's worst fear is that the VC have taken him underground into the tunnels. Anderson & Lt. then enter the tunnels in search of Taylor and get buried by an explosion.

* These two episodes (1 & 2) were combined and marketed as the ToD movie "Tour of Duty"

3 - Dislocations
The new mission for Bravo Company is to move an entire village of peasants to a new location because of VC infiltration of the area. During the move they encounter heavy enemy fire and are then told to abort the mission. Because of strong feelings of committment to the villagers Anderson & Goldman go against orders and continue with the move, however they are now "on their own'' without any air or artillery help. Goldman meets and becomes attracted to a beautiful native woman, Lang, and eventually it is Lang's VC husband who ends up saving his life

4 - War Lover
Anderson, Goldman, and a few men from the company find themselves assigned to assist a "hot shot" Sgt. Michaels with a special mission to destroy an enemy bridge. Anderson knows Michaels, they have met and disagreed before, Michaels cares only for enemy kills.Tempers flare several times as the mission is accomplished.. but with a casualty.

5 - Sitting Ducks
The platoon is on a "cush gig"... so they think. They are to provide security for an irrigation project which will bring modern technology to the peasants of Vietnam. The company arrives only to find a major problem- it seems that the VC know the American's every move. The platoon is assigned a "kit carson" guide named Tran who advises more patrols to counter the problem and Goldman agrees. But everytime the Americans leave the village they are ambushed. Meanwhile,Horn finally discovers how the GI's are being set up!

6 - Burn, Baby, Burn
In a time of great racial tension and violence in America, the same problems were carried over to Vietnam. Racial tensions mount in Bravo Company as the black soldiers discuss their own people dying at home to obtain some equal rights. Eventually violence breaks out and a southern soldier who was constantly harassing the black soldiers is murdered. Pvt.Johnson is accused of it and faces court martial and murder charges.

7 - Brothers, Fathers, and Sons
Anderson, Baker, and Johnson are shot down while catching a ride in a
helicopter. They are unhurt but the pilot is dead, and VC soldiers are firing at their position. With the fighting over for the present, they begin the long trek back to base, all the while being hunted by the VC. The enemy group is led by Trang, a man who wants to kill the Americans for revenge. The three Americans stumble upon a village of Montagnards who have been wiped out, all but a pregnant woman who gives birth to her baby as she is dying. Johnson and Baker want to take the baby along to save it but Anderson is adamant about leaving it behind. They finally convince him and Anderson ends up taking care of the baby and forming a strong bond with it. Zeke, Baker & Johnson end up battling withTrang with tragic results.

8 - The Good, The Bad, and the Dead
A drunken GI steals a chaplain's jeep and gets arrested as he nearly collides with an MP vehicle. His arrest is witnessed by Zeke, who recognizes him as Decker, his former drill sergeant and role model. Anderson rescues him from charges and convinces Goldman to draft him into the squad. He is popular with the guys at first but he almost immediately starts to disobey orders. Decker mans a listening post with Horn but he gets drunk and falls asleep. As a result, Horn is almost fatally wounded and Decker faces court martial.

9 - Battling Baker Brothers
Carl Baker, Scottie Baker's twin brother pays Firebase Ladybird a visit. He turns out to be nothing like his timid brother, but instead a drinking, womanizing, party-goer. The two brothers end up in a fight, nearly destroying the base in the process and causing major problems for Scotty with Goldman and Anderson. Carl leaves the next morning with neither brother on speaking terms and everyone in trouble. After his helicopter goes down and Carl is missing Scottie goes after him, managing to get caught by the same VC who have his brother. They are both tortured by the VC and Anderson and Goldman and the platoon must go in to rescue them.

10 - No Where to Run
Sappers make their way into Firebase Ladybird without being detected while Percell, Ruiz and some others are on watch. A firefight breaks out and one of the men on watch with Percell is killed. Percell is upset both over his friend's dying and having received a "Dear John" letter. Goldman, meantime, runs into an old girlfriend Lt. Nikki Raines who is stationed very close by at the Evac Hospital. The next day, Goldman, Anderson and the squad go out on a mission and Percell accidentally kills an 8-year-old Vietnamese boy thinking he was a VC. Later, Goldman meets up with Nikki Raines at the Evac Hospital and old feelings and emotions surface.

11 - Roadrunner
When Zeke receives a letter from his his ex-wife about his daughter it surfaces emotions in him about being a father. He has little time to worry about it though. He is nearing his breaking point when he finds out that the squad's next destination is a location where Zeke's last unit was almost totally destroyed by the enemy. Anderson fights going and it is obvious to everyone that he is falling apart. The squad ends up going on the mission after a downed flyer while Zeke continues to deteroriate.

12- Pushin' Too Hard
Anderson, Goldman, and Captain Wallace are checking out a new flamethrower that has been added to their weapon arsenal. Zeke and Goldman are unhappy that the next mission will also include a beautiful female reporter, Vicky Adams. Wallace leads the mission to secure a bunker that ends in a tragedy for the platoon.
* Note: This episode along with Episode 14 (Under Seige) were combined into the movie "Bravo Company"

13 - USO Down
A USO band helicopter carryng a rock and roll band is downed and the entire crew is killed except for four band members. Meanwhile, Bravo company is out on a recon, meets up with them and tries to lead them to safety. Problems ensue because of an over zealous bandmember and the platoon's broken equipment.

14 - Under Siege
Firebase Ladybrid continues to come under daily long-range artillery fire and await supplies from headquarters. Captain Larry Heath the new company commander assures them that the VC are not planning a major attack on Ladybird but will bypass it and refuses to build up a defense despite warnings from both Anderson & Goldman.A large attack proves that Anderson & Goldman were right when the firebase is over-run and suffers heavy casualties including one very special friend of the platoon members.

15 - Soldiers
Percell gets word that his father is hospitalized after a near fatal heart attack and is given emergency medical leave to Hawaii. When he arrives in Hawaii he learns that his father and mother have separated and his father has taken up with another woman. Danny feels left out and even more alienated from a man who he already wasn't close to. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ruiz decide that they need to be with Danny and talk Anderson into pulling some strings and getting their R&R in Honolulu. Once in Hawaii they are exposed to the "real" world of mini-skirts and negative attitudes about the war.

16 - Gray-Brown Odyssey
Goldman, Horn, Calhoun, and Pointer are retruning to the base after spending two days int he rear. Their jeep hits a mine, wounding Calhoun and Pointer and blinding Goldman.. A squad of VC open fire and Calhoun and Pointer are killed by the attack. One of the remaining VC who turns out to be a woman finds herself a prisoner of a blind Lt. Goldman and is forced to guide him through the jungle to find help. Meanwhile Horn tries finding help via other means as he struggles to locate some US troops and lead them back to Goldman.

17 - Blood Brothers
Retired General Goldman arrives at Firebase Ladybird on a fact finding mission for Washington brass. The platoon just returning from a mission learn that the general is Goldman's father but it is very clear the two don't have a good relationship. The general finds that his son's leadership methods appall him. Meanwhile, Ruiz becomes close to a new hispanic member of the team, but soon finds out that he is trouble because of his addiction to heroin. Tension mounts as Ruiz stumbles into a bad "drug" situation and the team and the General attempt to resuce him.

18- The Short Timer
Taylor is a short timer and must address his mixed emotions about his return to home. His fear and dislike for Vietnam is equaled only by his deep friendship and bonds he has formed with the guys of the platoon and the uncertainty of the life waiting for him at home. After he is convinced by an enthusiastic but somewhat underhanded recruiting sargent that there is nothing for him at home, and getting a "Dear John" phone call from his old girlfriend, re-ups for another tour.

19 - Paradise Lost
On a routine patrol Bravo Company is out-numbered and in a very bad position but are suddenly rescued by Montagnards. Trusting them the squad follows them back to their village where they meet ex-GI named Kithem living among them in the village.The American is obviously hostile towards Goldman and the rest of the Americans. Against Kithem warning of the wrath of the VC upon the village, Goldman follows orders to help fortify the natives against the VC with conventional weapons. What follows is exactly what Kithem warned of.

20 - Angel of Mercy
An seriously wounded NVA Colonel (Trang ) is captured by the platoon and Goldman and Anderson have a close calls as they are hit in a fire fight. All three are taken to the nearby Evac Hospital where Goldman once again meets up with Nikki Raines and some unexpected news and danger.

21 - The Hill
Goldman and Nikki have a great time on a brief R&R that they spend together but their fun is marred by the fact that Nikki refuses to marry him, When he returns to Firebase Ladybird he finds that his unit has been assigned to help take Hill 1000 which they've taken before and lost before. Only this time Horn has decided he has had enough and refuses to follow orders at the risk of a court martial. After seeing his buddies struggle in battle and get wounded he decides it is worth fighting if only to help them. A decision that he doesn't regret ...but pays dearly for.

* These two episodes (20 & 21)were combined and marketed as the ToD movie "The Hill"

Season Two

22/23 - Saigon Part I & II
Bravo company is moved to their new location, Tan Son Nhut, just outside Saigon for the purpose of protecting Saigon from an attack. A new woman reporter, Alex Devlin and a new "hot dog" chopper pilot, Johnny McKay arrive on the scene, both of whom immediately clash with Goldman. The "Tet" (Chinese lunar newyear) is upcoming and the fireworks in Saigon are for real this time as Saigon comes under a massive attack by the VC. Meanwhile Anderson deals with a visit from his x-wife, Taylor & Johnson have some interesting financial ventures, and Goldman becomes "intrigued" by Alex Devlin.

* These two episodes (22 & 23 )were combined and marketed as the ToD movie "The Tet"

24- For What It's Worth
The "Tet" is over and all reports show that the US "kicked Charlie's butt". But, problems ensue at Tan Son Nhut when a latrine is blown up and the chaplain killed. Due to some unfortuante twists of fate Taylor gets accused ot the fragging and Anderson and Goldman come to his defense. Meanwhile Anderson becomes attracted to the new civilian psychiatrist on base, Jennifer Seymour and Ruiz deals with a problem of his own.

25- True Grit
Goldman and Alex Devlin become romantically involved despite McKay's interference while Johnson meets up with an old femle acquaintence. A soldier suffers battle fatigue and Anderson and Doctor Seymour collaborate to keep him from returning to the field for his own safety and the safety of the platoon. However the CO of the dispensary has other ideas with disasterous results.

26- Non-Essential Personnel
Because of a misinterpereted act of bravery in Saigon, Goldman is appointed to the PR staff despite his objections. Major Darling the new CO at Tan Son Nhut is suspected of stealing Buddhist artifacts for profit and Taylor, Alex Devlin, and the platoon inadvertedly become involved. Meanwhile chopper pilot Lt. Johnny McKay is grounded for disobeying orders.

27- Sleeping Dogs
A sniper and old acquaintence of Anderson's, Sgt. Block, is assigned to the platoon to help assinate a VC sniper. But he has problems dealing with his Sgt. Major and following orders. Anderson's attempts to help him get promoted for a job well done fail as things go haywire and Sgt. Block kills the Sgt.Major and meets his own fate.

28- I Wish It Would Rain
Problems arise when the press reports US soldiers crossing into Cambodia.The platoon must deal with it on a personal level as a newbie gets blown up by mine set by VC who retreat to Cambodia. The men want to chase after them despite orders not to cross the border. Anderson and Doctor Seymor try to help a soldier who has his own tragedy as a result of his action in the field. Taylor and Percell meanwhile find themselves as captives of the VC in Shu Long after following a taunting French reporter there and the platoon, Anderson and Goldman and McKay must come to their rescue.

29- Popular Forces
Bravo Company is ordered to train the "Popular Forces" army of the Vietnamese in warfare and find it a challenge as they are no more than peasants who know nothing about the army. What starts out as a simple training exercise becomes a dangerous mission for the platoon. Meanwhile, McKay continues to be a problem for Goldman's and Alex Devlin's relationship.

30- Terms of Enlistment
Anderson and Jennifer Seymore become seriously involved as Zeke prepares to propose to her. However things take a new turn as Jennifer is offered a direct commison to Major in the Army but would have to transfer back to the States if she accepts. Another problem arises on the base as one of the soldiers is accused of being gay and is harassed and threatened with an "dishonorable " discharge.

McKay's chopper is shot down and despite their differences Goldman recruits volunteers to search for him. Percel faces a court martial and prison time for being wrongly accused of murder while trying to save a Quaker woman who was being raped by the VC.

32- Promised Land
Racial tension once again flares as news of Martin Luther King's assination reaches Tan Soon Nhut and a "by the book" black LT Sherman Douglas,and his platoon work with Goldman's men on a mission. As one of Lt.'s black soldiers, and an old friend of Zeke's, is killed by throwing himself on a grenade to save his buddies it makes matters worse and Lt Douglas' life is threatened by a grenade left in his hootch. Meanwhile Anderson is asked to escort the body of his friend back to the States where he encounters even worse racial tension ..even by members of the soldiers family. 33-Lonesome Cowboy
Bravo Company is convinced there is a "spy" on base as the VC seem to know all their plans. A young VC boy that helps them bypass a VC ambush while on a mission is taken on base and accused of being the spy despite Goldman & Anderson's attempts to convince the CO otherwise. When the true "spy" is uncovered accidently by Alex Devlin a dangerous mission is put in place using Goldman & Anderson as decoys.

34- Sins of the Father
Goldman is asked by his father to help "make a soldier' of a red neck troubled newbie in the company. The newbie happens to be the son of a friend of General Goldman's who was assigned to the unit. Goldman,despite his feelings towards the troublemaker, takes on the challenge, but is frustrated as the soldier is accused of being a serial killer of local Vietnamese prostitutes.

35- Sealed with a Kiss
Myron and Alex call it quits because of Alex's fear of Goldman's dangerous job and his refusal to leave the field. Zeke and Goldman are asked to work for a Navy Seal on a mission to retrieve valuable papers from a downed chopper. Goldman however becomes violently ill during the mission after being bitten by a scorpion, which could jeopardize the entire mission and their lives.

36- Hard Stripe
A CIA agent and old friend of Zeke's, Jim Doyle, arrives at Tan Son Nhut under the guise of securing enemy weapons for the brass back home. However his true motives and mission become clear to Zeke as one of the men of the platoon is assinated, CIA style, after he inadvertedly found out. Meanwhile, Myron is forced to take "chopper" lessons from McKay on the ground as he is stranded in the air in a helicopter because the pilot and co-pilot are both killed by enemy fire.

37-The Volunteers
Despite warnings from Anderson & Goldman of heavy enemy buildup, the CO Major Darling, refuses to listen. Also a Pvt. working in the rear begs and finally convinces Anderson to let him join the company and is sent out on his first mission with unfortunate results. Bravo Company is sent out on a recon mission and learn that Anderson & Goldman were right in their assesment as they are overrun by the enemy and Goldman & Anderson are taken prisoner.

38-The Luck
While Anderson & Goldman are prisoners the rest of the platoon is frustrated and upset with the Army's efforts to locate them. Alex is devastated to learn Myron is MIA and accepts a job in Paris to try to ease her pain. Meanwhile McKay takes the platoon out on an unsuccessful search mission.

39-Doc Hock
Anderson & Goldman are back at Tan Son Nhut after a dangerous escape from the VC and Goldman makes the decision to leave the field and take a job in intelligence. However Alex has not broken the news to him yet about her transfer to Paris. A new green LT takes over for Goldman with disasterous results in the field and a new medic arrives much to the dismay of Anderson and the company. Alex and Goldman plan their future but fate has other plans for the two.

Season Three

40- The Ties that Bind
Bravo Company is transferred to a new location, Camp Barnett with a new mission, to be a part of the SOG Team as Team Viking. Anderson prepares for a trip back to the US to visit his daughter but is concerned about leaving a grieving Goldman behind. A new Colonel, Brewster, also arrives at Barnett and immediately assigns Team Viking on a mission that almost puts Goldman "over the edge".

41-Lonely at the Top
A newly promoted Sgt Johnson takes over for Anderson and finds leading Team Viking is not as easy as it appears. Zeke spends time with Jennifer Seymore back in the States with plans of not returning to Nam, but realizes his life IS in Nam with the men. Meanwhile Sgt. Johnson proves himself by making a very unpopular decision while on a mission with the team and Danny is having more difficulty coping with the tragedies of the Nam and seeks help from the new medic, Doc Hock.

42- Bodyguard of Lies
Anderson arrives back at Barnett to find a troubled Percell and an uncompromising Doc Hock, while an old friend of Goldman's from OCS, Lt.Skip Beller, arrives with his platoon to assist Goldman on a mission. Beller's men have been in the field too long and suffering from battle fatigue commit an unforgivable autrocity.

43- Necessary End
Goldman pressures Col. Brewster concerning the Ful Lon incident while Johnny McKay meets up with a new friend. Meanwhile Danny is finding it more difficult to cope with the war and turns to aother means of help, which leads him to a decision that can change his life forever.

44- Cloud Nine
Anderson, Johnson & Taylor go looking for Danny only to find him deep into the world of heroin. After bringing him back to Barnett they try to help him through withdrawl but find it difficult to do while carrying on their duties. Meanwhile, Brewster faces flack from the brass and his career is in jeopardy because of his handling of Phu Lon.

45- Thanks for the Memories
Its Thanksgiving at Camp Barnett and the pressure becomes more intense on Col. Brewster about Phu Lon. While Danny recuperates Team Viking is on a final mission for Col. Brewster and are treated to an unusual Thanksgiving Dinner by him before he leaves amid heavy emotions

46- I Am What I Am
General Goldman once again pays a visit to his son with some bad news.. he is dying. Team Viking is sent out under the command of Lt. McKay and Sgt. Anderson to steal an enemy chopper while Goldman spends some final time with his father.

47-World in Changes
Sgt. Johnson prepares for his last days in Nam but his worst fears materialize as he and Taylor are captured by the VC while on a mission with a very arrogant CIA agent Duke Fontaine. McKay has problems of his own dealing with a VC sniper who is taking pot shots at his chopper.

48 - Green Christmas
Johnson finally arrives home in Mississippi only to find his family not so supportive about his future plans. Meanwhile Team Viking celebrates Christmas with a plan to play Santa at the local orphanage, however the VC have other plans in mind and Ruiz meets up with an old friend Susanna Rosado.

49 - Odd Man Out
Missing Johnson, Taylor becomes even more upset when he is passed over for a promotion and decides to take matters into his own hands. Team Viking is sent on a mission to rescue the wife of a local Vietnamese General and learn that things aren't as they appear when they finally find her and a VC attack ends in tragedy.

50- And Make Death Proud to Take Us
Two newbies are assigned to Team Viking, one a young boy Pvt. Bell, determined to stay in the army despite his age, and Pvt. Griner who immediately clashes with Taylor. Both are put to the test when the team comes under heavy enemy attack with no help from anywhere in sight.

51- Dead Man Tales
McKay is grounded for a friendly fire incident and takes heat from the team. Doc Hock meets a new friend and the team is devastated by the sudden tragic death of Pvt. Bell.

52- Road to Long Binh
A routine transport of a deserting soldier to Long Binh jail turns out to be anything but routine for Anderson and Goldman. Back at Barnett the entire camp suffers from food poisoning.

53- Acceptable Losses
Thins go terribly wrong while Team Viking is on a mission which results in Taylor, Ruiz and another team member being left behind to fend for themselves. Goldman must deal once again with Duke Fontaine who fights Goldman's attempts at a search and rescue mission for Taylor and Ruiz. Meanwhile,another newbie joins the team, Pop Scarlett, who is immediatley rejected by them as they still try to deal with the MIA Taylor and Ruiz.

54- Vietnam Rag
A war protesting reporter arrives at Barnett to go on patrol with Team Viking and clashes with Anderson and Goldman.

55- Contact Sport
Col. Brewster returns to Camp Barnett for the trial of Lt. Beller and his platoon. Team Viking along with Lt. McKay search a mysterious Vietnamese village and run into heavy enemy attack and Lt. Goldman has a surprise for the team.

56- Three Cheers for the Orange, White & Blue
The team must deal with the spraying of Agent Orange while on their missions and Pop Scarlett's son arrives with his platoon at Barnett but tragedy once again strikes. Meanwhile Goldman and Col. Brewster are summoned to testify at the trial of Lt. Beller's platoon and Goldman once again is devastated by the action of his former friend Skip Beller.

57- The Raid
Col. Brewster summons volunteers for a very dangerous mission-the rescue of POW's from aNorth Viet Nam prison camp. Things don't go as planned and the team suffers heavy casualties. Ruiz and Percell finally go home but find things are not as they thought they would be.

58- Payback
Fallout from injuries suffered from the POW raid befalls team members as McKay and Pop Scarlett are transferred to Japan while Ruiz and Percell are finding it difficult to cope with life back home. Meanwhile, Goldman, Anderson and Taylor find it more difficult than ever dealing with newbies arriving in the Nam.