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Michael Christy was Tour of Duty's on-site military technical advisor during the 2nd and 3rd Seasons. He has also been a TA for three seasons on “China Beach” and numerous TV movies such as “Face of Love,” “Honor Bound,” and “Shooter.”

Military Career Mike's military career began as an enlisted man in the Marine Corp and culminated in 1984 as an active duty Lt. Col., U.S. Army infantry.
Mike Christy has two Vietnam Combat tours in which he was awarded two Silver Stars, six Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, two Air Medals, and three Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry.
1967-1968 5th Special Forces: Executive Officer of A-102, and later, advisor to the Airborne-Ranger reaction force for Project Delta, an elite Special Forces long range reconnaissance project
1969-1970 1st Cavalry Division: Charlie Company, 1/12, and later, assistant operations officer, 1st Brigade

Acting Career
Between the Marine Corps and joining the army in 1966, Mike was a stage actor touring the mid-west in plays like “Father of the Bride,” “Over 21,” and “Harvey.” During his military service in Korea, he appeared in nine Kung Fu movies including “River of No Return,” “Desperate Mission,” and “Inner the Dragon.” After retiring from the army, he has appeared in movies such as “Inchon,” “Fear,” and “Eye for an Eye,” and a number of television series and movie including “Shooter,” “Night Rider” and “Tour of Duty.”

Mike was 2nd unit director on 12 episodes of “Tour of Duty” episodes and two movies. He also produced, directed and sometime wrote, scores of military training films & videos. He co-created and produced “Mysteries of the Bible” for A&E and is currently writing and producing documentaries for The History Channel, A&E, and other cable networks.

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