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Tour of Duty Odd's & Ends Links

Pics of "Official Tour of Duty" Jacket
See Pics of the complimentary jackets given to all cast members and crew as Christmas gifts from the show.

Results of the "The "Tour of Duty Survey"
We would like to thank everyone that has participated in the survey.
If you would like to make any comments about the results please go to our Message Board

Read a Commentary by an "extra" on TOD who worked with the "Stars of Tour of Duty"

6-12-01Some Tour of Duty Humor
Read some comical responses by fans to the statement:
"You Know It's Time to Stop Watching Tour of Duty When..."

Some Military Humor
"You might be too HOO-WAH if.."
The Differential Theory of US Armed Forces (Snake Model) upon encountering a snake in the Area of Operations (AO)