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"Notes from the Underground"


By Lee Russell

The actual title for this show came from a Dostoyevsky novel titled"Notes from Underground. The "inspiration" for "Notes from the Underground" was a book called "The Tunnels of Cu Chi" by Tom Mangold and John Penycate. This was a very popular book in Hollywood circles when it came out (1985). Even people I knew who had no interest in the war read it. Besides "Tour", it was the basis for a sequence in the movie "Casualties of War". The writers (or I) often included some little thing for the veterans to relate to, and in "Notes" this was Ruiz chanting a little ditty "Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley of The Shadow of Death, I Shall Fear No Evil Because I am the Toughest M......F in the Valley! Before he reaches the profane line, he trips over the tunnel entrance. I provided the "Tunnel Rat" insignia the three "rats" wear on their uniform pockets. I have no idea where (what unit) the real 196th Brigade got it's "Tunnel Rats" from, or whether they had an insignia, but I found a patch in a junk bin in a NYC flea market and modified it for the show. I sent it off to the costumers and they copied it.

* About the music... The midis' playing are songs that are on the original episodes of Tour of Duty

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