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The Stars of Tour of Duty
On TV This Month

May 2002

Listings are for US Networks, however Canadian televison does carry most of these same channels. If you have any other info for Canadian channels please E-Mail us

Stephen Caffrey
Buried Alive II
May 4th 1pm EST on USA
The Babe May 10th 1:30am EST on TNT

Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
May79th 8:30am EST on TBS
If You Only Knew May 9th 8:05am EST on WOMEN

Ramon Franco
Street Knight
May 14th 3 am EST on TNT

Steve Akahoshi

Dan Gauthier
Beverly Hills 90210
May 7th, 14th, 17th All 2pm EST on FX
Friends May 18th 7pm EST on FOX

Eric Bruskotter
Quantum Leap
May 10th 4pm EST on Sci-Fi
Major LeagueMay 11th 10pm and May 12th 4pm both EST on TNT

Kim Delaney
Weekly Tuesdays 10pm EST on ABC
NYPD Blue Mon-Fri 11am & 6pm EST on TNT
Tall, Dark & Deadly May 7th 10am EST on HBOSG
Devil's Child May 16th 1:30pm EST on HBO2

Betsy Brantley
Double Jeopardy
May12th 9pm EST on CBS
Love on the Orient ExpressMay13th 3:30pm EST on WE
Rogue Trader May 18th 5:35am on MOMAX

Lt. Col. Mike B. Christy ( Major Duncan)

Tony Becker

Stan Foster

Terry Knox
Thu Jan 24 10:15 pm, Jan 25th 3:13 am and 1:30pm all EST on WE (Women's Entertainment)

St. Elsewhere Daily 2pm EST on Bravo
A Mothers Right May 12th 1pm EST on LIFE

John Dye
Touched by An Angel
Sundays 8pm EST on CBS, Daily 9pm EST on Pax TV

Pamela Gidley
The Pretender
Mon-Fri 7pm EST on TNT

Kyle Chandler
Angel Dance
May 16th 11:30 pm EST on HBO2
Always May 18th 9pm EST on WE

John Dye
Band of Brothers
May 6th, 7th & 11th at 8pm EST on HBO
Perfect Weapon May 12th 3:45 am EST on HBO

Kevin Conroy ( Cpt. Rusty Wallace)

If you know of any other appearances by any of the stars of TOD please feel free to contact us and we will add it to this listing