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Terence Knox as "Sgt. Zeke Anderson"

*Pic Courtesy of: Sandra_Holland

Terence was born Terry Davis on December 16th 1951 in Richland, Washington. He attended both Washington State & Portland State Univesities and was also an amateur boxer.
His movies include "Heart Like a Wheel", "Unspeakable Acts" and "Children of the Corn II".

Terry's new film, "Ordinary Killer" which was filmed in March 2002, is due to be released in Feb/March 2003 in the US.
Terry plays the part of Det. Ben Bannister in this true story of a murder in Michigan.For more info on the film visit the official website of CDI Films

Above Pics Courtesy: Sandra_Holland

"Stolen Innocence" (1995)

Did you know....
Terry also did the part of Dr D. Boss Attending Physician on the computer game for Emergency Room by Legacy Software (1996)

Some pics from Terry's recent appearance on "Philly" in Dec. 2001

More Pics and Interview Clips from Terry's 1989 Interview on Dutch tv

You can write to Terry at:
House of Representatives Talent Agency
400 S. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212

For more info on Terry consult his
Official Website

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