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What do you know about the actual TOD unit?
In Vietnam, the primary fighting element was the Infantry Battalion, composed of four Companies, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. (For the Army, the Marines did things somewhat differently.) The ToD unit is actually Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, of the fictional 44th Infantry Regiment. "3/44th Infantry" is a component of the real 196th Light Infantry Brigade. "Chargers". The shoulder patch of the 196th, which our guys wear, depicts a burning fuse, but irreverent GI's called it "The Burning Worm" or the "Burning Eight". In turn, the 196th Brigade was assigned to the real 23rd (AMERICAL) Infantry Division. The name AMERICAL is a WW II acronym that originally stood for American troops in New Caledonia, the Pacific Island where the Division was formed in WW II. (The only US division formed overseas in WW II, the only one, of about 80, that never served on American soil.) Many of our support people wear the AMERICAL patch. Bravo Company, 3/44th is commanded by a Captain (Wallace). It, in turn is made up of four Platoons, each commanded by a Second Lieutenant ("Our" Platoon Leader is 2LT Goldman) assisted by a Platoon Sergeant (Anderson). The Platoon, depending on casualties (combat units are always understrength) is composed of 3 Squads, each supposed to consist of about a dozen men, but usually at about 2/3rd strength.
Both the 196th LIB and the AMERICAL Division veterans'organizations made the show "honarary members" of their groups and sent us some their lapel pins.I was graciously given one of each by the show.
Those wishing to know more about the real 196th Light Infantry Brigade and the AMERICAL Division might want to check these links:"

196th LIB

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