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Some Inside Info on the making of Tour of Duty

General Questions & Answers
Inside info on the making of Tour of Duty
courtesy of Mr. Lee Russell,
military researcher/advisor to the show.

About Lee Russell
Lee Russell worked as a military researcher on Tour of Duty from 1987 to 1989. He served in a US Army Combat Engineer Battalion in II Corps and I Corps during 1967-68 in Vietnam and worked as advisor to the show's writers and to the costume and (occasionally) the prop department.

At the time the show was being made Lee was living in New York City, and the show was being produced in Hollywood and shot on location in Hawaii and (second season) California. He did not work on the set but did all of his work over the phone & by Fed Ex. His chief function was to assist the writers with military details for the show, suggest themes and provide documentation, where necessary, to answer issues brought up in the media, or by viewers. As part of this, he had the privledge of reading some of the viewer mail to the show, those letters which commented on military aspects of the production.

Lee was also a military advisor for several other movies including "Platoon" and the Broadway play "Miss Saigon".

Lee has been a part of our " team for the past several months and has graciously furnished us with "Inside TOD Info" on many of the shows.
We look foreward to more of his interesting insights and information.

Visit Lee's
ToD Advisor's Page

Background Information on Each Episode Listed including Pics .

Episode 2 "Notes From the Underground"
Episode 3 "Dislocations"
Episode 4 "War Lover"
Episode 5 "Sitting Ducks"
Episode 6 "Burn Baby Burn "
Episode 7 "Brothers, Fathers & Sons"
Episode 8 "The Good, The Bad and The Dead"
Episode 9 'The Battling Baker Brothers'
Episode10 'Nowhere to Run'
Episode 11 "Roadrunners"
Episode 12 "Pushin Too Hard"
Episode 13 "USO Down"
Episode 14 "Under Seige"
Episode 15 "Soldiers"
Episode 16 "Gray Brown Odyssey"
Episode 17 "Blood Brothers"
Episode 18 "The Short Timer"
Episode 19 "Paradise Lost"
Episode 20 "Angel of Mercy"
Episode 21 "The Hill"
"Episodes 22 & 23 Saigon Part I & II
Episode 24 "For What Its Worth"

Abandoned Tour of Duty Scripts/Concepts

Prelude to Season Two

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