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Meet Zev Braun

Zev Braun was the Executive Producer of Tour of Duty and has produced many very successful tv shows and movies
To read about Zev Braun click on his name

Zev Braun Entertainment no longer owns the to Tour of Duty and do NOT have any info on the show.

Show Scripts

Scripts from the Tour of Duty series are available for sale at
Television Scripts
They are available for most of the shows. You can check out the list & order how many you want.

See a great sketch of Stephen as Lt. Goldman done by a fan Margaret (Lt Mac)

And some great Fan Fic by written by some very talented ladies & guys
Lt. Mac's Tour of Duty Fan Fic

Button's Tour of Duty Library

Pidd's Tour of Duty Fan Fic Site

Firebase Ladybird Tour of Duty Fan Fic

Doc & DC's Tour of Duty Journals A fantastic new TOD fan fic site!!

Sgt. Pepper's Tour of Duty Fan Fic

Some Vietnam Links

Battlefield Vietnam
The history of Viet Nam & war facts

The Sounds of Viet Nam
A fantastic site with some original wav files of original radio broadcasts from Viet Nam, as well as chopper radio transmissions etc. A MUST SEE!

Songs & Pics of Viet Nam
A very touching page with a slide show and music of actual soldiers

The Wall
Another very touching and dynamic site about the Wall in Washington D.C.

TOD Advisor Lee Russell's Website
A great comprehensive website with lots of technical info on Army equipment, weapons, communications and uniforms. Also there will be info on Vietnam and his perspective as a Vietnam Vet on the war and its aftermath as well as info on his "real to reel" tranisiton from Vietnam Vet to TOD advisor.

Noonie Fortin's TOD Page

HUM90 Tour of Duty Page

Tour of Duty Info Page

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