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Results of the "Tour of Duty" Survey

Survey conducted 7-20 thur 8-19-00 and included over 200 participants.

1. Did you watch TOD when it was first aired in 1987?
74% YES
26% NO

2. Who was your favorite character?
37%/Lt. Goldman
35% Sgt. Anderson
19% Percel & McKay &Taylor (tied)
9% Johnson, Ruiz, Baker ,Horn & Doc Hoc

3. What was your favorite episode?
The most popular answer was 13% Under Seige
Second most popular was 9% The Luck
Third most popular was 7% Brothers, Fathers and Sons
71% / Others: Gray Brown Odyssey, Angel of Mercy, Cloud Nine , Roadrunners, The Luck. Volunteers, USO Down, And Make Death Proud to Take Us, Contact Sport and Tour of Duty , the Pilot Episode.

4. What was your favorite season?
51% Season One
28% Season Two
25% Season Three

5. Who was your favorite female character?
60% Alex Devlin
9% Lt. Nikki Raines
28% Dr. Jennifer Seymour
3% Lt. Camile Patterson ( Angela Bassett), & Sr. Bernadette

6. Did the series affect the way you viewed the Vietnam War?
81% YES
19% NO

7. Are you a Vietnam Veteran?
96% NO
4% YES

8. Would you like to see a reunion show?
100% YES

9. What country are you from?
73% US
18% Canada
9% Other ( Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, UK, England, Australia)

10. Were you happy with the final episode of Tour of Duty
73% NO
27% YES

11. What is your age?
36% 21-30 yrs.
24% 10-20 yrs.
23% 31-40 yrs
12% 41-50 yrs.
5% 51-60 yrs.

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to take our "Tour of Duty" Survey.
Hopefully we will have another very soon!